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Chapter 8

Events Schedule Title Page

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.                                — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Second Community Meeting

Monday,14 November, 7:00 p.m.

Town Council Meeting Room

Corner of Lynch & Willis Streets


Introductions (3 min.)

Old Business

Specific Plains area needs (3 min., Dan Rowan)

General, yearly structure: (9 min., Dan Rowan for items a, b, and c)

      (a) Planning from October through March and 1-14 September;

      (b) Work on projects in April, May, June, and 15-30 September;

      (c) Summer vacation July and August 

      (d) How to "get-the-word-out" about community needs and events

           (5 min., Dan Rowan for item d)


New Business

     What do we do first?

Brief introduction about three methods of community action: (a) visioning, (b) planning, and (c) doing. (3 min., Dr B)

     Three main projects for 2023: (12 min., all present)

(a) Neighbourhood focus group surveys 

(b) Plains cleanup called the "First Annual September Sweep & Street Dance" 

(c) Develop options for volunteer home water conservation during the summer months.

For each of these three projects (a) leadership groups need to be formed and (b) a basic framework schedule developed. We'll break into three groups (for 30 minutes) during the second half of the meeting to begin planning.

Regroup and briefly share comments and questions. (12 min., all present)


Reference (information on handout)

(a)The WGM Group Town of Plains Preliminary Planning Study (October 2021)

(b) The Governor's Task Force on Housing 

(c) Developing community plan for the impacts of a changing climate. 


Next meeting (3 min. All) 


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