Plains Community Invitation 

August 2022 

Dear Plains Community Members,


     As community members, we have an opportunity to decide Plains future. You are invited to participate in the community activities listed, and to be listed, on this site. The mission of this website is to reflect the Plains community. 

    Our efforts will be to understand community aspirations and goals through small group discussions (focus or visioning groups), surveys, and project planning and implementation. We will include the cultural history of Plains and work to understand how our local economy will remain viable. Most importantly, the Plains community wants to remain culturally intact with the pioneer rural spirit of its creation.  


     Our first project continues to be the southwest corner of the pool park including upgrading the waiting pool to a splash pool, adding a play gym for younger children ages 2-5, and pathways for the handicapped so they can join their families in the park. As you can see, five trees, 25-30 feet in height, were planted in the park last summer, and three concrete pads have been poured for the already purchased 12x14-foot gazebos. Later this summer we'll facilitate two Plains Clean-Up Weekends and a street dance on the last weekend of the clean-up.



Charles Bickenheuser, OFS, EdD

About Montana, LLC

PO Boc 1435, Plains MT 59859

(406) 242-0454