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New Reads

Town of Plains Preliminary Planning Study
WGM Group in Missoula in October 2021

Town of Plains
Planning Study,
by WGM Group,
October 2021

     Traditional economies in Sanders County are being replaced with remote working, retail, small manufacturing, and health care requiring a diverse workforce on the heels of an aging population. This shift in populations is requiring Plains to review current policies and guidelines related to land use, infrastructure, natural resources, and economic development to keep the Town thriving and adaptive to new and changing conditions.

Read the report here

Polson Heart     & Soul 

     With Envision Polson! and community members ready to “get in front of development” and desiring to build a culture of collaboration, proactive actions, and planning based on citizens’ values and aspirations, the Polson Heart & Soul project was born.


Polson Heart & Soul


     Butte-Silver Bow, the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and Montana Technological University are partnering to develop a community resilience plan to boost local business development, grow green energy, and protect our community and its natural resources from the impacts of a changing climate.

     Together, creating a resilient Butte means we’re preparing for a bright future. A resilient Butte means we have the tools to weather the economic, health, and environmental impacts of climate disruption.

Resilient Butte

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