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The first meeting of the winter will be on Friday, 28 January at 7:00 PM. Location to be announced.

The myPlains 2030 Study

and the Plains Pioneers


     This Visioning and Planning Study is the myPlains 2030 and is inclusive of the Plains community and adjacent areas. 


   This study is planned for ten years. Each year a small, core group of 8-12 people, called the Plains Pioneers, will update the study and work on a specific project. The Plains Pioneers is for community members who are continuing to develop their leadership strengths. For each group, presentations and workshops will be offered from Montana universities, advocacy groups, and experienced leaders. At the end of each group's service, we'll celebrate with dinner, awards, and the following Plains Pioneers group members' announcement.


   The first project, for the summers of 2021 and 2022, is an update of the wading pool to a splash pool and a play gym for 2-5-year-old children. 


   Projects are dependent on public gatherings. Zoom and in-person presentations from Montanans in other communities and various regional or state groups, including our state universities, will give our community insight from other rural visioning and planning projects.



Note: The myPlains 2030 study leadership model is non-hierarchical — decisions are made by consensus, and all participant input is included. The information collected is public and will be kept for the duration of the study plus ten years.

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