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Chapter 1

Introduction Title Page

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.   — Francis of Assisi

When the community plans, the community shapes its identity. The four focus areas are:

Community Groups

Vision and plan for town parks, playgrounds, clean-up days, public events, handicapped members, sidewalks & bikeways.

Climate Adaptation

Plan for severe weather events, conserve water with native pollinator flowers/plants and increase the use of solar panels.  Summer heat is a health risk for children, seniors, and those who work outside. 

A Local Newspaper

Produce a bi-weekly newspaper for Plains area residents written by community members.

Montana Main Street Program

Introduction of AI & machine learning, business cooperatives, Main Street remodel, employee housing, and growth from within existing businesses. 

Baker Park, MT Edited.jpg

For two years, I have listened to the members of the community talk about the future of the Plains area. The conversations settle into four general areas: 

Community Groups     Climate Adaptation

A Local Newspaper     Main Street Montana                                                      Dr. Charles Bickenheuser, OFS, EdD

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