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Two sources of information on community pesticide use

MSU Extension's website answers questions about Integrated Pesticide Management


Montana State University Extension's website answers questions about Integrated Pest Management and links to experts. Users will find information explaining what IPM is, how to reduce pesticide use on lawns and landscapes and how to contact a certified Urban IPM Practitioner trained by the MSU Extension Urban IPM Program.

Integrated Pest Management Plan 

University of Montana, Missoula Campus

April 2021



1.0 Introduction and overview

1.1 Background, Purpose, and Program

1.2 Project areas and their management goals

1.2.1 Types of landscape areas

1.2.2 The individual properties

2.0 Integrated pest management at UM

2.1 Philosophy

2.2 Definitions and discussion

2.2.1 Cultural control.

2.2.2 Biological control

2.2.3 Chemical control

2.2.4 Monitoring

3.0 Common pests at UM

3.1 Plant Pests

3.2 Pest insects

3.3 Disease pests

4.0 Specific areas and management practices

4.1 Turf
4.2 Golf course turf
4.3 Landscape beds
4.4 Trees and shrubs
4.5 Edges and waste areas

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