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   The Vision Plan results from a series of activities designed to bring out community values, identify the key issues confronting Plains now and into the future, and build consensus around priority actions to achieve the goals set by the process. 

   Visioning the future of Plains alongside our local community members in the decision-making process — instead of making an educated guess — can lead to a connected, aligned, and collaborative community.

   By taking control of Plains' future through a visioning process, our community can ensure that various and diverse objectives are met. With careful consideration, growth and development can occur in a way that blends with the history, traditions, and architecture of the community.

   The characteristics of the Plains community that make our town a unique place can be purposefully maintained. Visioning allows for a methodical, well-thought-out approach to service and infrastructure that is cost-effective and meets the current and future needs of the residential and business communities. 

Beginning Visioning Questions

Business and Infrastructure

1. What type of residential growth and development is best for Plains?

2. What will that growth and development look like?

3. What types of land use are best for the community, and where are they to be located?

4. How will the shopping needs of residents be met?

5. How will the housing needs of residents be met?

6. How will town service and infrastructure be affected?

1. What makes Plains unique?

2. In 10 years, what do you want Plains to look like?

3. Where and how should Plains grow?

4. What is working well in Plains? Why?

5. What is not working in Plains? Why?

6a. Do you have any thoughts or concerns about growth?

6b. If there are concerns, what can the town do?

7. What do people that don’t live here like about Plains?

8. What needs to be protected in Plains?

9. What has been done that doesn’t need to be done again?

10. What is Plains missing? Is that good or bad?

11. Are there communities you wish Plains could be like?

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