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Add a Splash Pad to the Pool Park
Down left arrow curve_edited.jpg
Down left arrow curve_edited.jpg
Splash #1.jpg
Splash #3.jpg
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Splash #2.jpg

Ten Projects (Three Completed)

1. Add a Splash Pool in 2023 to the Pool Park (from our Lions Club)

       a. Place "Sail Shade" around the pool

       b. New benches for moms and kids

       c. Water wheelchairs for moms or kids

2. Plant 12 Oak Trees (in groups of 3)

3. **Done" Build 3 ADA Picnic Tables       

4. Purchase Playground Equipment for Children 2-5 Years of Age

5. Solar Powered Crosswalk at the Corner of Willis and Oak Streets

6. ADA Sidewalk Access to the 3 Picnic Table Groups and Splash Pool

7. ADA Exercise Sidewalk Around the Perimeter of the Willis Pool Park 

8. Five Dog Poop Bags and Collection Posts

9. **Done** 3 12x14 concrete pas poured

10. **Done** 3 12x14 Gazebos installed

Playground Fun for 2-5 Year Old Kids!

Add a second Play Gym for 2-5-year-old children.

Ages 2-5 Play Gym #2.jpg
Ages 2-5 Play Gym #4.jpg
Ages 2-5 Play Gym #1.jpg

ADA Compliant Picnic Tables

ADA Picnic Table #2.jpg
ADA Picnic Table #3.jpeg
Sail Shae #5.jpg
Sail Shade #6.jpg
Sail Shade 4-point.jpg

Canvas Shade for the Park

ADA Compliant Swings and Paths 

Inclusive play #2.jpg
Inclusive play 1.jpg

Shredded/Compacted Rubber Walkways

ADA Walkway Bonded Rubber Mulch.jpeg
Oak Tree.jpeg
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