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Community Water Management in Plains, Montana   


Current and future water supply

  • A brief history of water sources, the water tank, and water use in the last five years 

  • Potential new water sources and storage in the next five years

  • Expected water needs in the next five years

  • Expected water needs in the next 10-20 years

Community water choices

  • Periods of no summer water

  • One-size-fits-all regulation

  • Creative, needs-based community response

Articles on community water management

State and university sources


The difference between weather and climate

  • Climate as extended variations in long-term weather

    • More days of seasonal weather records

      • Variations in participation patterns (more in winter, less in summer)

      • Variations in temperature (colder in winter, hotter in summer)

      • Longer periods of colder or hotter weather




Flowers — Montana Pollinators (Flowers, Bushes, Trees, Lawn, Insects) 


  • Benefits: Flower pollinators live in various habitats and use various pollen sources.

  • With fewer habitats, pollinators are declining; this is why it is important to have a variety of plants that pollinators will use in your backyard. 







Irrigation equipment

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